head-with-lipsKnowledge is Power!

Education and training is an integral component behind the high-end services clients receive at The Lift. Twice a year, staff attend The L’Oreal International Hairdressing Academy in Paris and Rome for intensive training in advanced cutting and styling techniques.

Platform artists who style hair during the semi-annual New York Fashion Week events in February and September of each year also come to The Lift several times a year to work exclusively with our staff on the science of hair, hair care and the subtleties of working with different hair textures. These experts are highly trained – the best in the industry – and we learn what we know directly from them.

This level of training is unheard of in the salon industry, putting The Lift completely ahead of the curve. Consider that at the last Academy trainings abroad, staff at The Lift comprised one quarter of those who’d gathered from around the country to learn. This is the standard the salon has set and stands behind.